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Yassuo Prieš mėn
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dragon side
dragon side Prieš mėn
why pinoy?
VladRo100 Prieš mėn
Yo you better tell your gamefuel sponsor to distribute to Canada to
Lekzs Prieš mėn
That's a pretty long code.
freezer 11
freezer 11 Prieš mėn
I hope you get sponsored by nord vpn aswell
Quise Prieš mėn
LightWork Prieš 2 dienas
How do you have every skin in league?
Teijina•Saki-Senpai Prieš 28 dienų
the only problem is the enemies also watched this video
Ciosmin soare cu limba
Ciosmin soare cu limba Prieš mėn
Well now goredrinket got nerfed
Chervy Prieš mėn
Outro song is Friday Night - Sega
Oscar Reniel Salunga
Oscar Reniel Salunga Prieš mėn
Moe's viktor is clean
Philip Penkov
Philip Penkov Prieš mėn
Yooo, yesterday one Lee Sin on Aram, 1st item Gorebringer, he finish 21 kills, solo carry the enemy team. That item is not balanced.
R1kt4s Prieš mėn
Dont play kaisa pls
Berkan Yuksel
Berkan Yuksel Prieš mėn
love yyo btrio
PewDie Pie
PewDie Pie Prieš mėn
That Crisis Core soundtrack thouuugh
Mephistopheles Prieš mėn
is imperial mandate still good for viktor? (when ur team is behind and u lost draft)
RuKzo Prieš mėn
Bold of you to tell my bronze team mates to play Nidalee, Taliyah and Yone but ok
Hacker 1
Hacker 1 Prieš mėn
Any Top Laner just build Goredrinker hhahahaha
Teo Zi Wei
Teo Zi Wei Prieš mėn
Hey can someone help me out.. When playing mid lane, if its around 10 mins in game and i wanna take my first base but my enemy freezes lane, what i notice from most youtubers is they break the freeze, can i know why dont they just base and get back to lane to prevent enemy from freezing
Kadon VanNoord
Kadon VanNoord Prieš mėn
im not going to lie this is one of the sponsorships in videos i havent skipped
Rankedskywar Prieš mėn
Aren’t u hard stuck d1 jk I love u
JJ Gaming
JJ Gaming Prieš mėn
Abuser trash
Honza Mánek
Honza Mánek Prieš mėn
2:53 LMAO does he really consider himself strong with doing push-ups like this?
zoom Prieš mėn
"If you play top lane, pick any champ in the game just build goredrinker" Me: Moe, you lied, I just lost 22 LP and went 0/9 playing goredrinker Singed
Hass Jand
Hass Jand Prieš mėn
What variaty is he talking about ? Everybody building gale force or goredrinker...
Gluebottles Prieš mėn
Warwick with goredrinker
3Body ;D
3Body ;D Prieš mėn
What is the outro song plsss ; - ;
Aatrox The Accursed
Aatrox The Accursed Prieš mėn
I Love how he tries to focus the unbalance the game has and blame it to goredrinker hahaha so when goredrinker gets nerfed immoirtal shieldbow is the best and he can face roll games again haha
Olivier Bedard
Olivier Bedard Prieš mėn
i n33d assistance ... my dink is stuck in the toaster for some reason . got a tip for that?
Cptain Volo
Cptain Volo Prieš mėn
I haven't played the new season yet, learning back all the items seems like a chore to me
Toxic FF
Toxic FF Prieš mėn
bro yasuo is weak very weak late game and u cant play it vs yone
Anjebro Prieš mėn
Outro music pls?
Ömer Safa Çağlar
Ömer Safa Çağlar Prieš mėn
sa türk varmı +1 leyin
S31T8 Yong Jun Kent
S31T8 Yong Jun Kent Prieš mėn
hey what is the name of the outro song? someone care to tell?
Mitaka Prieš mėn
akali got fucked with the latest nerf on her q energy but is still a viable pick for midlane
Janwayne Sitones
Janwayne Sitones Prieš mėn
Reporter: Can you describe how to climb season 11 in just 1 word Yassuo: *abuse*
Imagine LOL
Imagine LOL Prieš mėn
"You playing mid? play akali" LOL akali is garbage atm
Halim McRoberts
Halim McRoberts Prieš mėn
Bro the nostalgia of this Crisis Core soundtrack is insane.
King Anonymous
King Anonymous Prieš mėn
Finally found this comment
Lordwick Prieš mėn
lmao olaf is gonna get nerfed this upcoming patch
Lunacia Prieš mėn
Did not expect Night of Seclusion to be in the vid damn the nostalgia taking me back.
Meatwad 420
Meatwad 420 Prieš mėn
Where’s run it up
Eren Jaegar
Eren Jaegar Prieš mėn
wukong goredrinker is literally useless late game go one shot build lmao
WarmMafura Prieš mėn
2:07 bruh that chest hair
Undead_Nemi 2489
Undead_Nemi 2489 Prieš mėn
im not used to this much eyecontact with moe
Roblox Dev
Roblox Dev Prieš mėn
Guys if there mid is so just abuse kassadin
Keepless Prieš mėn
song for 8:34?
Darksmoke Prieš mėn
dont really aggree with his opinion about whats broken. Support: maokei/shaco just build the % hp dmg items demonic embrace / and either lyandris or imperial. adc is kaisa / jhin / samira. midlane yone yone yone yone anivia viktor and yone. jgl is just spamm olaf with goredrinker and u get freeelo. otherwise hecarim / kha / kayn / nunu and toplane its camille and nasus. edit: the jungler was super metroid an egoistic full dmg vi otp player who only plays for himself and taking all recources for himself ofc he wont give u blue.
Chode Prieš mėn
I don't really want tips from a washed up gold hardstuck
Matic Tibaut
Matic Tibaut Prieš mėn
Thanks for the tips Moe really helped me
Introverted Boy
Introverted Boy Prieš mėn
Never would I have thought that i needed tips from a dude named Moe
BroMcSkillz Prieš mėn
I have finally climbed to iron 3 thanks to this guide!!!!
gangganggang gang
gangganggang gang Prieš mėn
Is kayn good with goredrinker ?
idk idk
idk idk Prieš mėn
actual good video
dragon side
dragon side Prieš mėn
Thanks its help me to as a wildrift player 😁👍
Abdo Prieš mėn
New items suck like tell me how are new players gonna play this game
Fred Littlebear
Fred Littlebear Prieš mėn
Bot matches maybe? Or just get wrecked enough to know what champs counter what and what items are good for those champs. That what i did lol
yazan Prieš mėn
yeah they are nerfing goredrinker next patch so abuse it now
Kaleb Caprita
Kaleb Caprita Prieš mėn
That’s so cool to be sponsored by mountain dea
Master Lex
Master Lex Prieš mėn
Yassuo more like Yassssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssaw
jordan thao
jordan thao Prieš mėn
Martin freemon
Martin freemon Prieš mėn
"A little absurd" yeah, I realized that when I fought a 10/0/0, thousand stack Nasus that disappears whenever he kills someone.
Otaku Akuma
Otaku Akuma Prieš mėn
Ao LoL
Ao LoL Prieš mėn
Subtitle indo😅 te ngarti😂
Nosferatu Prieš mėn
all that bullshit at the intro and the video is still under 10 mins, someone's getting lazy
Tony Liu
Tony Liu Prieš mėn
Do I really want to trust moe
Seth Thoj
Seth Thoj Prieš mėn
Pink ward 😂
dave Prieš mėn
that outro music is fire pinoy
Light Yagami
Light Yagami Prieš mėn
for real he is the bait master xDDD tips and tricks play OP Champs xD thats it
Никола Максимовић
Никола Максимовић Prieš mėn
Only noobs don't buy antiheal
Aidan Liu
Aidan Liu Prieš mėn
Slap that Yuumi top with goredrinker
Hitesh Manalac
Hitesh Manalac Prieš mėn
Try WildRift
Satchillis Prieš mėn
5:32 that bug tho
Big Boy
Big Boy Prieš mėn
All I been seeing is hate/banter comments so I'm going to post a nice one. Moe you're awesome and you make me laugh daily ily ❤ I hope you are happyyyy
bong long
bong long Prieš mėn
moe no pls every first time olaf I get in ranked goes 0/10
Ben Baca
Ben Baca Prieš mėn
"If you play top lane just pick any top laner just build goredrinker" Morde with goredrinker
Noraway Prieš mėn
Ryze w/ goredrinker
그들을 태워라
그들을 태워라 Prieš mėn
Morde full (support) healing items
Xd Prieš mėn
how can you give tips when you stuck in diamond XD
Fred Littlebear
Fred Littlebear Prieš mėn
Cause views for some of dat cash. Make a vid. Boom
OYU LO-MAY Prieš mėn
Yo everybody reading this, my girl said she would get me a ps5 if this comment gets 10K likes plz help a brotha out my PS4 sounds like an airport terminal 🥱 EDIT: SHE LOWERED IT TO 5K bless me guys
Fred Littlebear
Fred Littlebear Prieš mėn
Make the deal to 3k and i just might consider 😂
Adamundane Edge
Adamundane Edge Prieš mėn
friday night banger baby
Project Yasuo
Project Yasuo Prieš mėn
whats the name of the song starting at 8:00?
goldythefish36 Prieš mėn
Didn't expect this from Yassuo Helping us int.
Yone Prieš mėn
Do your bed first
XxWallzxX Prieš mėn
Important announcement My sister just received a dude that is showing interests in her. Instead of looking at her situation. She is starting to look back at this dude. Now the reason I am posting this is because of Mya. She would be in the picture. She is 5 years old and has rnm in her as well as Sandra. Instead of Sandra waiting. She decides to take up and look back at a dude at the worst possible time as we don't live a normal life. Now as my concern as I don't know who he is. Can people help to figure out if this man is one of them? That would be dangerous as human trafficking people are a thing as well as std's such as aids. It is weird for me to ask. But it is Mya and this situation that made me go this route. I an just concerned on who this guy may be and don't want them in POTENTIAL danger. Thanks.. Edit: If it was a normal situation. Then it would be none of my business or concern. She is a grown woman to do as she pleases. But this situation and Mya gets me to ask on who that guy is.
Tyrone Olaoluwa
Tyrone Olaoluwa Prieš mėn
No one gonna talk about his push up form😭😭😭😭😭😭
Fighter Lm
Fighter Lm Prieš mėn
Choi Boy Jr.
Choi Boy Jr. Prieš mėn
what the ending song?
Luckas Jensen
Luckas Jensen Prieš mėn
this moe is a little absurd
Ahmed Mhmd
Ahmed Mhmd Prieš mėn
Crisis Core ost compensated for the gamplay.
?????? Prieš mėn
plays kennen and builds goredrinker and ints, Moe you lied
Loosi Prieš mėn
Dude,this ff7 crisis core music make me cry q.q
johan forsén
johan forsén Prieš mėn
gragas relax
Issei Prieš mėn
Wich is the best lane to main in s11?
Lucas Cardoso
Lucas Cardoso Prieš mėn
Stop with the click baits
I just love this guy... He always just make me laugh... Do not quit LTpost or anything ur legendary bro..... I just say i love this guy
マテウシュ Prieš mėn
Yeah same, good job Pinoy, we love you
Patrick-Donald Ndiangang
Patrick-Donald Ndiangang Prieš mėn
Budget cut "Run It Up".
SORYE GE TON Prieš mėn
Ay yo, he looks thinner for sure!
Tronald Dump
Tronald Dump Prieš mėn
Yo what’s up guys, hope you’re having a good day
Jhin The Virtuoso
Jhin The Virtuoso Prieš mėn
mondi elking
mondi elking Prieš mėn
Stylish is ur master so don't compare urself with him
Nicolas Charalampous
Nicolas Charalampous Prieš mėn
If every top lanel is broken that automatically makes them balanced🙂
Bulgarian Disease
Bulgarian Disease Prieš mėn
“If you’re playing top lane play any champ they’re all broken” facts 😂😂
Frostcrown Prieš mėn
Yassuo she hit ur heel aim for the feet!
Alex the Boi
Alex the Boi Prieš mėn
Moe why u look like a crackhead xDD
Jan Pfeiffer
Jan Pfeiffer Prieš mėn
When comes the grind back in Valorant?
sshibo Prieš mėn
Thank you moe, i was hardstuck iron 4 around 2 hours ago, now I am challenger and I gain 30 lp every game. Recomend this video.
Joseph Lee
Joseph Lee Prieš mėn
moes a cutie
maya berovich
maya berovich Prieš mėn
yo look moe posted a gameplay inan AD video
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