Yassuo | NOOOO!!! HE STOLE MY PENTA!!! Ft. Sanchovies

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Diego Gallardo
Diego Gallardo Prieš 7 dienų
Wow ur yas is actually garb I’ll 1v1 h ez claps
Robin Sulit
Robin Sulit Prieš 10 dienų
Is this more effective with a Heavy ball ??
intaanderson d
intaanderson d Prieš 21 dieną
Raven Stone
Raven Stone Prieš 29 dienų
where can i buy the same hoodie moe is wearing ?
Amram jeff Ahmed
Amram jeff Ahmed Prieš mėn
can anyonw give me the title of the outro music
c h i l l
c h i l l Prieš mėn
i just cant stop laughing from his face on the preview
Ορφεας Βαφοπυλος
Ορφεας Βαφοπυλος Prieš mėn
damm pinoy os the best editor
Server Yasuo
Server Yasuo Prieš mėn
Suprised moe hasen't broken up with Bella over rage
RaceMiska Prieš mėn
this gives me 100% the old Moe feeling
freb Prieš mėn
Too bad yassuo left league, hes so much more fun now with his new attitude. Also, valorant is just a boring game to watch....
Cess 22
Cess 22 Prieš mėn
Outro music anyone?
SHADOW Prieš mėn
Who still playing league of legends 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂
Jamius Beats
Jamius Beats Prieš mėn
The hair shirt under the shirt 😂😂😂😂😂
ANZ Guides
ANZ Guides Prieš mėn
Is it me, or Sanch sounds just like Tobias Fate?
amin Prieš mėn
dud pinoy was really one the news or he edit it
Blake Evans
Blake Evans Prieš mėn
Marvel movie marathon chain
Mir Prieš mėn
Moe lookin like an angry homeless in the thumbnail
Aidan Speziale
Aidan Speziale Prieš mėn
Is it just me or Moe kinda looking like fed
Renzo Ray Famisan
Renzo Ray Famisan Prieš mėn
see ur actually funny when ur not screaming at everyone and just having fun
Renzo Ray Famisan
Renzo Ray Famisan Prieš mėn
@Lotus fanb*y
Renzo Ray Famisan
Renzo Ray Famisan Prieš mėn
@Lotus why u mad for wtf
Lotus Prieš mėn
ur actually funny when you don’t comment
Noir Lapis
Noir Lapis Prieš mėn
Moe lookin like wolverine rn.
Timothy Pettett
Timothy Pettett Prieš mėn
Guys where did bella go 🥺
Qopa Prieš mėn
3:06 thats so random wtf? lol
Kirai Prieš mėn
Bro wtf write the outro song name, give credit to the artist?
Tech no
Tech no Prieš mėn
Yassuo's attitude is so much better and way more fun to watch these days
Vivek Natarajan
Vivek Natarajan Prieš mėn
Sanch the solo bolo master.
Takagi Uchiha
Takagi Uchiha Prieš mėn
Dude in the thumbnail he looks like joaquin pheonix
AloneInAFranXX Prieš mėn
ive been watching moe for almost 5 years now. he's a league streamer i still consistently watch even after i stopped playing the game. the vids are fine. they're a lil shorter recently but it is preseason. he also went through a break up and is still probably dealing with it. leave him alone, along with pinoy, u nerds
adamentium falcon
adamentium falcon Prieš mėn
Penta over rated
Night Dark
Night Dark Prieš mėn
Where the stolen pentq?
XxWallzxX Prieš mėn
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Dorei Ku
Dorei Ku Prieš mėn
Hey Can you play League Of Legends Wild Rift?
Rares Anea
Rares Anea Prieš mėn
Wtf are these thumnnails
Mister X
Mister X Prieš mėn
first song name?
Amin Abdulraouf
Amin Abdulraouf Prieš mėn
outro song?
YASUO BOI Prieš mėn
I listed to the outro music to fall asleep them 30 second just takes the stuff that is going on in my head away and lets me fall asleep thanks
Otto Jay Walker
Otto Jay Walker Prieš mėn
15-20 min videos
Dtboss Rocks
Dtboss Rocks Prieš mėn
I’ll leave this here as a remberance of mellow god bless.
John Rivera
John Rivera Prieš mėn
what happened?
Octillion Prieš mėn
1:48 UWU
Adam Hamilton
Adam Hamilton Prieš mėn
Moe is looking like a tanned older professor akali today
random Prieš mėn
New York moe was x99999 better than this one
F B I Prieš mėn
Everyday, moe looks more and more homeless in his thumbnails
19 Mazur Dima
19 Mazur Dima Prieš mėn
man these thumbnails are so cringe, they ruin the whole excitement for the video.
Matic Tibaut
Matic Tibaut Prieš mėn
8mins only comon man
Yato YT
Yato YT Prieš mėn
7:41 song pls
PhAnToMFURY Prieš mėn
the vids are doing just fine wtf are you all talking about, I dont watch moe all that much so i come here every month or so and it looks the same stop complaining and plus i enjoyed this vid more than the other vids
Sebastian Pamminger
Sebastian Pamminger Prieš mėn
You Reallöhne Bad on yas
Ivan Milanović
Ivan Milanović Prieš mėn
Ur bad brooo
Shork Prieš mėn
Where is the music
Pixl TV
Pixl TV Prieš mėn
Ayo guys I think Pinoy went to sleep for a bit, what's up with the video quality?
LuhDooce Prieš mėn
I miss old moe
GaleofDusk Prieš mėn
Moe is really sad now..it makes me sad too watching him..also amazing how many things can make a person sad or bring down their joys in so many way no matter where u are in life successful or not..
Tacemiko Prieš mėn
I watch these videos because I think that Moe is handsome and he plays Yasuo really good, so I may learn how to play this champion P.S. Such a weird comment, I know)
MasterSquish Prieš mėn
Everytime yassuo dies: "Yo diD thEy chAngEd thE CC"
Danny See
Danny See Prieš mėn
Moe your eyes got more bags than a shopping spree in that thumbnail lol
Fighter Lm
Fighter Lm Prieš mėn
Get a life before you get a wife e
Sensei Nonsense
Sensei Nonsense Prieš mėn
He looks old wth
Junior Ramirez
Junior Ramirez Prieš mėn
Did you do something to your eyebrows?...
ZeroSeven Prieš mėn
Yo anyone know the outro song?
Omar Ahmed
Omar Ahmed Prieš mėn
Who else has just found moe randomly and is watching ever since?
BoneLess Prieš mėn
outro song name?
zBluee Prieš mėn
when pinoy doesn't use music coz of dmca sadge
Epic Gamer
Epic Gamer Prieš mėn
Rayan Hashim
Rayan Hashim Prieš mėn
Kennen presses r Moe : this guy is insane
Heheheh Ehe
Heheheh Ehe Prieš mėn
1:21 voice crack
Max GOATED Prieš mėn
Fun fact: do you know that saying fun fact makes people read your comments
Shiba Prieš mėn
i miss these chill vids with Sanch. actually some coms not dry
zach ripp
zach ripp Prieš mėn
Yo Pinoy! These recent videos really show how much better you make Moe's content. These videos of minimal editing are very boring because its just Moe playing. This makes every appreciate you for the great editing you have been doing. This is a prime example of YOU DONT REALIZE WHAT YOU HAVE UNTIL ITS GONE!
Mahmoud GZ-PS
Mahmoud GZ-PS Prieš mėn
Contact dying ... for him feelsbad no life after hes last GF
WarmMafura Prieš mėn
Wow a 8 minute Moe video, what happen?
Bao Le
Bao Le Prieš mėn
Yasuo xuống trình rồi bh toàn dạng háng leo rank thoi
White Devil
White Devil Prieš mėn
y does moe look at he is dressing up for a day at the beach
Adamundane Edge
Adamundane Edge Prieš mėn
ending song name?
M1racle TTV
M1racle TTV Prieš mėn
Lmao moe looks like a homeless man not making money on the scratch ticket in the thumbnail XDDDDDD
Cale Prieš mėn
Moe has been "first game back" for 2 months now
Ethan Chiang
Ethan Chiang Prieš mėn
Moe, we need you to up that content. More stories, more variety, something funny that will make us laugh please. Pinoy is struggling to make fun of you because of league, which can be boring at times
Radu B
Radu B Prieš mėn
U're finally not looking like a homeless person lol
SirMatic Prieš mėn
RIP to all the copyright claimed music on this channel from Nintendo.
Anne Mitsaki
Anne Mitsaki Prieš mėn
U should smile more moe
Justin Jiang
Justin Jiang Prieš mėn
this preseason has been bad as a whole. don’t blame him if the quality of the vids are getting worse, yasuos also gutted
Moe Gewily
Moe Gewily Prieš mėn
5:00 Sanch: Ok, you win these Me the viewer: Nope, he's inting
Chris R
Chris R Prieš mėn
Why the fock its look like mows eyebrown are growing togheter
マテウシュ Prieš mėn
Yo where's the music? Kinda weird when the video is so quiet and has no bgm
YodaOnKet29 Prieš mėn
twitch dmca.
T Vang
T Vang Prieš mėn
By putting sanchovies in the title does that make it better or worst?
Jason Rojas
Jason Rojas Prieš mėn
bruh ur looking like a boomer on thumbnail
Vlad Dracula
Vlad Dracula Prieš mėn
I miss the background music
Krach 29
Krach 29 Prieš mėn
Everybody asks for when show time is but no one asks how show time is
Dzulharith Faiz
Dzulharith Faiz Prieš mėn
Keep it up moe dont lose hope !
Lucas ingwall
Lucas ingwall Prieš mėn
Horacio Prieš mėn
Cries over 1 penta u got 4 quadras in one game and they stole my penta
AladeenGOD Prieš mėn
Yassuo : I fear no man but that Kennen , he scares me .
AladeenGOD Prieš mėn
@Link I know :)
Link Prieš mėn
His ultimate also gives him mr and armor too
Link Prieš mėn
It’s hard to play against kennen as yasuo. His ultimate just has so much cc. Main reason why I main kennen now
Ronaldo Rauda
Ronaldo Rauda Prieš mėn
Moe got his chest hair lined up 🤩🤩
Erdling Prieš mėn
The first play was insane
Sinath Som
Sinath Som Prieš mėn
7:41 song pls
Fogzu Prieš mėn
Mihailo Zekic
Mihailo Zekic Prieš mėn
Will this gragas play wild rift??
Tía Pelucas
Tía Pelucas Prieš mėn
Extraño tus ruidos raros(?) Jajaj alto amor eh
schlubby marsian
schlubby marsian Prieš mėn
0:40 im so stupid my retarded brain couldn't understand or even think that i could do that, they'd be so much times i would be safe when ganked if i knew this welp guess that's that lmao
riyuko Prieš mėn
Yo, go kraken into infinity. Its literally too strong at the moment on yasuo/yone. Since yasuo gives double crit you can already get the infinity edge effect after building this 2 item.
Iker Simarro
Iker Simarro Prieš mėn
dude if you want to revive your channel stop using those shitty thumbnails
Nick Garcia-Scafire
Nick Garcia-Scafire Prieš mėn
Crazy how much different moe is during his streams and vids now. Kinda bringing down the whole mood.....unfortunates times for our bro yasuo.
Hello there
Hello there Prieš 24 dienas
@TheDanorte Same, someone explain pls
TheDanorte Prieš mėn
Could you guys elaborate? I don't follow the stream, curious what you guys are talking about.
Ner-chan! Prieš mėn
and dont tell me im wrong cuz im a day one fan since 2016
Ner-chan! Prieš mėn
@Reese McCoy i mean its all downhill since late 2018 lmao
Reese McCoy
Reese McCoy Prieš mėn
yea that whole twitch rivals thing really brought him down, huh?
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