Fan of dart
Fan of dart Prieš 19 val
Pekin made a vid about the ori game actually
Mohammad Benkirane
Mohammad Benkirane Prieš 20 val
Moe: his company fucked me 😂😂 without vaslin
Zuya Prieš 20 val
At least he trade flashes
yosoka kok
yosoka kok Prieš 20 val
8:39 that was hilarious
Phang Zen hin
Phang Zen hin Prieš 20 val
After reading the comments I'm getting excited about this trading flash thing turning into a meme
Messiah Prieš 20 val
Walk out?
Logan B
Logan B Prieš 21 val
When a simple video explains why an entire org is having issues :D Also, you gotta love delusional people calling another person delusional. It's an evil world we live in.
Genji Prieš 23 val
6:00 dw moe you were better than 90% of solo queue adcs
Samsfunhouse Prieš 23 val
Jxvanxvich. Prieš dieną
The legend says that he's still "Trading flashes"
KandiKid Jak-3
KandiKid Jak-3 Prieš dieną
@1: 11 when ur support engages on red white aphelios im not blaming you or anything I'm just wondering if you werent in melee range giving him better value at using chakram that close you might have still won tbh
Exbox SXW1237
Exbox SXW1237 Prieš dieną
11:45 wow so it actually took the swain 24 minutes to realise he has a ult?
frgaqkennedy Prieš dieną
If only he communicated that he was going to trade flashes it wouldve been a good play
Angel Liarmas
Angel Liarmas Prieš dieną
I miss the normal thumbnails..
Luís Garcia
Luís Garcia Prieš dieną
Where's Pinoy?
Tilt Monger
Tilt Monger Prieš dieną
Clg is stuck with this dude until 2023 LOL
Fnima Prieš dieną
Moe is starting to remind me of XQC In among us where no one wanted to play with him because he was toxic
Figa 321
Figa 321 Prieš dieną
Didn't you mean "I have become simp"
Offical Lion-
Offical Lion- Prieš dieną
9:27 Nice friday night funkin week 6 death song
Jakub Miedzinski
Jakub Miedzinski Prieš dieną
its not get clapped anymore, its get prymaried
Andrija Milosavljevic
Andrija Milosavljevic Prieš dieną
Moe i dont watch CLG i dont even like them but you commited really hard, its good to follow that play but you went in to hard, Rell would not die ther, Aphelios cant get her with no flash Lulu cant CC her Rell would have been in the bush and if Lulu tried to chase Rell, Rell would get her secend W back and leave so she would survive and you get a aphelios flash but Rell has hexflash, it would have been good. But when he left the lane that was plain inting he should never do that and leave you solo on bot after you died bot.
Fourzen Prieš dieną
imagine being Finn getting knowledge about the game from this guy
SeoLuffer 2Go
SeoLuffer 2Go Prieš dieną
Maybe it’s not the players who are the reason for little international success :D
Randel Gonzales
Randel Gonzales Prieš dieną
Damn some people arguing on the comment section lol
xDonut Prieš dieną
clg worst coach i have seen they should fire him
Gopal Bhachu
Gopal Bhachu Prieš dieną
Sad to see how he’s changed, old moe was better
king rammus
king rammus Prieš dieną
Iron - plat players will think moe is flaming his teammates
T1 T God
T1 T God Prieš dieną
Putting herald not against a bard?!?!?!
Mephistopheles Prieš dieną
just fire that guy. oh my lord 🤣🤣🤣
Naufal Ramadhani
Naufal Ramadhani Prieš dieną
moe are you fasting?
Toby Prieš dieną
Why does masterfiend sound like Moxy
Tom Drewery
Tom Drewery Prieš dieną
Yeah bro I respect that your multi challenger and understand the game, but you need to tone it down if y’all gonna win
Tijn Legierse
Tijn Legierse Prieš dieną
Go play yasuo again nro
Yuri Sejeong
Yuri Sejeong Prieš dieną
sometimes coaches think they are better than the players lol
dylan parry
dylan parry Prieš dieną
What Elo is this why is it a conversation to not fight aphelios with red and white
Odl Modl
Odl Modl Prieš dieną
14:40 I don’t get this positioning as a adc Bro no front you are on of my favourite LTpostrs an streamers but your like using your E into enemy team or even galeforcing in every Teamfight and then at the end tilting on your team that’s kinda annoying 🙃
Myron Zhao
Myron Zhao Prieš dieną
I hope that coach lost his job already lol. He’s stupid af
Noreki Prieš dieną
"thats when I flame him that he deserves to be fired" lmaooo thats just gold
Theo atha
Theo atha Prieš dieną
Not only he is trading flash he also trades wins lol
Vedran J
Vedran J Prieš dieną
7:42 He was trying to trade flashes
George Magas
George Magas Prieš dieną
That game with KAI sa was my whole game experience
AnnoYouLater Prieš dieną
Moe is kinda impatient using Ez's E, he would always use it right away and be in a bad position, not just from this vid but ever since he started this challenge
Lolk3 Prieš dieną
Honestly it is just years of playing yasuo habit, see an engage and jumps in, the problem is yasuo can disengage but if your adc your just a fish in a barrel
yvsdaddy Prieš dieną
Clg nothing new lol ?
Slow burn
Slow burn Prieš dieną
no wonder NA is a clown region, coaches are prob gold max in other regions.
Jakub Tibitancl
Jakub Tibitancl Prieš dieną
Compare him to 100Thieves coach "Freeze" who is literally an ex-pro and had rank 1 on NA and could easily get it nowadays if he had time to play solo queue.
Julian Belkin
Julian Belkin Prieš dieną
Sneaky was smurfing
Terence Prieš dieną
That Lux q was so fking sus
Avera003 Prieš dieną
This was a very satisfying vid.
jayden blunt
jayden blunt Prieš dieną
What is his chair
Marvin Schwentner
Marvin Schwentner Prieš dieną
lol worst coaching ever
mahek rosan
mahek rosan Prieš dieną
"09:96" 🩸 I actually have been using *𝐢𝐧𝐣𝐚𝐩𝐩.𝐜𝐨𝐦'* 📌 no issue with it all
dev mollik
dev mollik Prieš dieną
"03:79" 👅 Well I used *𝗜𝗡𝗝𝗔𝗣𝗣.𝗖𝟬𝗠* 📌 and frankly it's real
rohit setty
rohit setty Prieš dieną
"0:28"The only working one is *𝚒𝚗𝚓𝚊𝚙𝚙.𝚌𝚘𝚖*
Kunogari Prieš dieną
if he keeps his job after that play CLG must be desperate for coaches. they might as well take someone from iron NGL even a Iron player wouldn't "trade flashes" like that
Dylan Prieš dieną
7:56 Girls chatting to old men on discord
Deus Iratus
Deus Iratus Prieš dieną
5-13 team coach flaming people omegalul
Charlie Harb
Charlie Harb Prieš dieną
Those who can’t, teach. 😂
HelmHgaming Prieš dieną
Outro song?
SUSTv0 Prieš dieną
Need to see prymari reaction to this lmao
angry pepe cancer
angry pepe cancer Prieš dieną
He is paid to throw the team
crislast2 Prieš dieną
What else is moe playing silver?
Hinata Shoyo
Hinata Shoyo Prieš dieną
7:56 that’s what she said
Asuka.Langley.Soryu Prieš dieną
And this is why clg is garbage. Were they even in lcs spring 2020?
iHurt Prieš dieną
Coaches are literally not good. I prefer youtube or twitch streamers teaching what's good or what's a bad play.
yvsdaddy Prieš dieną
Redge Wang
Redge Wang Prieš dieną
if Prymari is a coach, then Ryoma is NA Showmaker
wq esa
wq esa Prieš dieną
7:24 My first thought is that the Draven's ult killed him. Then I rewatch it. Actually, Draven was hitting bard instead of moe
TooruOfficial Prieš dieną
What a joke of a coach.
Rankedskywar Prieš dieną
When a 500 games 50% wr master is the assistance coach of a LCS team
Sumper Jump
Sumper Jump Prieš dieną
1:17 Lulu ults herself instead of the low HP aphelios with full chakram stack. These lulu players nowadays KEKW E TU
Korscythe Prieš dieną
Haha thats funny sanchovies and vakin were flaming him a few weeks ago too
Aaron Mizawa
Aaron Mizawa Prieš dieną
I knew Moe would carry on his back all the team ... Oh sorry , i meant Pekkin .
Fighter Lm
Fighter Lm Prieš dieną
Ben Chen
Ben Chen Prieš dieną
truly counterlogic
Urim Shin
Urim Shin Prieš dieną
i love moe's flame it was perfect
manzur ramen
manzur ramen Prieš dieną
3:30 tbh I'm being fr man rell would have lived that and so would have moe if he didn't just fight it. Sorry Moe hope u have a open mind too. It does seem like she did it for a flash trade and could have walked out with great health
Numpadd Prieš dieną
Imagine trying to trade flashes with someone who doesnt even have flash up 🤡 „coach“
yvsdaddy Prieš dieną
They r just braindead idk why they even got jobs
Mario Orantes
Mario Orantes Prieš dieną
Makes sense why CLG is trash